Faug game release date

So you want to know faug game release date, don’t worry we are here to tell you the correct release date for faug game in India.

As we know faug is an Indian game and designed & Developed in India by nCore game studios and it was announced by Akshay Kumar on his Twitter account after the ban on the PUBG game (4th September).

Faug Game Release date

Faug game will be released on 26 January 2021 on Occasion of Independence Day because this game is dedicated to the Indian Army and also they are donating 20% of net revenue to Bharat Ke veer Trust i.e. India Army. Faug beta version may be released in December 2020 or the First week of January 2021 but the stable version will be released after a few days.

Faug game release date

Note – We do not support to spread spam news this news is only based on some internet sources and predictions.

faug release date in India

Faug game will be released in India in 2021 as stated by nCore games. It was expected to launch in India before ending of 2020 but it was delayed due to some development works and final testing. But we can say that faug game release date in India will be January 2021.

faug release date on play store

Faug game release date on playestore will be same as launching date and yes it will be officially released on playstore so we can say that faug game will be firstly released on playstore.

faug release date in india

faug will be released in india in January 2021 as promised by nCore games.

faug release date and time

There is no exact time announcement to release faug game but we can aspect it’s launching in January month 2021 and it will be officially launched on playstore for android smartphones.

faug release date wikipedia

Currently there is no information on Wikipedia regarding launching time and date for Faug Game.

faug release date 2020

Sorry, Faug game will not launching in 2020, It is expected to launched in January month 2021.

faug release date ncore

There is no officially any date is announced by nCore games on faug game launching.

ncore games faug release date

nCore game faug game release date is not announced by nCore games.

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